The most important preventive healthcare service we offer are regular examinations with the veterinarian. During their younger years, pets should visit the veterinarian at least once each year, and starting at age seven, at least twice each year. During the exam, every pet receives a “nose-to-tail” checkup by the veterinarian. Our goal during the examination is to find any potential problems early, before they become serious ones, as well as to educate our clients about the best wellness and preventative care for their pets. Pets can’t talk to their doctors the way people can, and cats and dogs are experts at hiding illness and discomfort. Our doctors are highly trained in identifying these sorts of conditions with our physical exam.

Our team will also interview each client about the patient’s lifestyle during each visit. Exposure to other pets, travel history, boarding, grooming, daycare, dog park visits, and more will influence what preventive medicine plan is right for your pet. By asking the right questions and performing a thorough examination, the veterinarian will make an individualized preventive care recommendation which may include vaccinations, stool sample tests, bloodwork or other tests, and prevention for internal and external parasites.

We promise to make the process as fun and relaxing as possible (Treats! Toys! Fun!). Our team is made up of Fear Free Certified Professionals. Fear Free means that we specialize in making your pet’s visit stress free for them and for you, their caretakers. Please call us if you have concerns about bringing your pet to the veterinarian due to fear or stress, we would love to help you.

Please contact us today at (206) 501-5221 to schedule your pets’ annual wellness care.